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The Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives programme is now live for all Doncaster Schools, Colleges and Early Years Providers.

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  • In January 2018, Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives (HLHL) replaced the Healthy Schools programme in Doncaster.

  • All Doncaster education providers can now sign up to the new scheme. You will receive access to our easy to use, interactive assessment tool - 'the Wheel', that will support you easily evidence your setting's approach to health and wellbeing.

  • On this website you will find a range of guidance, evidence, teaching resources and links to websites and organisations. 

  • On this page you will find details of how to sign up and the information shared at our Launch Event in January 2018.

  • If you are a Doncaster School, College or Early Years Provider and you haven't signed up yet (or aren't sure if you have!) email with your school/organisation name and your contact details. We will sign you up sending more information and your secure log-in details. If you have signed up you will receive your sign-up information in the next few days. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions are included below, if you have any other queries please do get in touch: email 


Do we have to pay to be part of Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives?

For Doncaster settings, it is free to join Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives, access your wheel and become accredited. We will ask for a small contribution of approx £50 per setting (e.g. per nursery or school). This is to cover the admin charge for the HLHL Wheel. You won't be charged anything else to use our HLHL Wheel. All support, advice and evaluation is free. 

What's the difference between Healthy Schools and Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives?

The National Healthy School Programme has ended. In January 2018, we launched Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives (HLHL) as the replacement for the Healthy Schools programme in Doncaster, it builds upon the principles of the Healthy Schools Programme but we have improved and simplified the process. 

How do we get started?

The HLHL Accreditation Process in the Downloads and Resources section of this page has a flow chart outlining the steps. The first thing to do is contact us and sign up! 

1. Email with the name of your organisation, the name of your HLHL Lead and an email address.

2. When you receive it, sign and return the Data Privacy and Information Security Statement and send it back to us by email.

3. We will then send you your log-in for your Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Wheel. Go to to log-in. 

4. Read the user guide and welcome information in the Central Documents and get started!

How long do we have to complete the accreditation?

You have up to 2 years to complete. Some organisations will take longer than others - remember we are here to support if you find anything difficult.

Do we have to renew the HLHL Award in the future?

You will have to re-submit your (updated) evidence three years after gaining your award. Remember to keep your tool up-to-date and keep adding to it after you have gained your award. You can use it for lots of other purposes, for example, external inspections, quality improvement and communicating progress to parents.

I'm a bit stuck for ideas - can you help?

There is lots of help available:
Go to the 'Resources' page on the website for links 
There are also examples and resources within the relevant criteria section of the HLHL Wheel.  Look in the 'See More' section.
Email the Public Health team on and we can have a chat or arrange a meeting.
If you are a school, come to one of our Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Network Meetings. You can share ideas and problem solve with other schools in the same position as you

We've started uploading our evidence but how can we know we're on the right track?

We can provide feedback on your evidence before you complete all the wheel. Just get in touch with us and we'll review your wheel. 

We've forgotten our log-in details, how can we access the wheel?

Get in touch with us, email and we'll send them to you again. 

We are not from Doncaster, how can we get involved?

This programme has been developed by the Public Health team at Doncaster Council for our local education settings. Your local Council may be doing something similar, contact them to find out. If nothing is available, other Local Authorities can buy into our scheme, they should contact for more details.

Some schools and nurseries have already gained their HLHL Award - what are you waiting for?



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