Enhanced Award

Our Enhanced Award is given to organisations who have already gained their Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Accreditation and shows an enhanced approach to any area of health.

Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Enhanced Award

Once you have been awarded your Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives accreditation you have the option to apply for an Enhanced Award. You will need to evidence how you are going over and above the requirements of our programme in one of the original areas, such as Healthy Eating or you may choose to evidence work in a different health area. Whichever way you chose to apply for your Enhanced Award you should demonstrate that your additional work is based on the needs and assets of your organisation and the children you work with. We have included some ideas below and documents for guidance.

We are very pleased to announce our first Enhanced Award! Maple Medical Centre submitted some fantastic evidence on the topic of Emotional Health & Wellbeing.



Maple Medical Centre Doncaster - Enhanced Award for Emotional Health & Wellbeing

Maple Medical Centre were one of the pilot settings to work through the HLHL Award and they’ve continued to work to demonstrate the way they support health and wellbeing in their setting. The setting chose to submit evidence on the way they work to support emotional health & wellbeing.

Maple Medical demonstrated that they consistently consider the holistic needs and experiences of the children and their families.  The number of students attending is small but their needs are varied.  Supporting the young people’s emotional health and wellbeing is shown to be considered in all activities and additional activities are organised to support this further such as outdoor trips and a gardening project.

The impact of this approach was shown through quantitative measures such as improvements in attendance and attainment. They also shared some fantastic case studies showing that young people are supported to understand and manage their feelings and health and feel confident to ask for help from staff.

Sunny Bright Day Nursery Doncaster - Enhanced Award for Lifestyle Influences

Sunny Bright Day Nursery selected a recycling project for their submission for an Enhanced Award.  Caring for the environment is a very pertinent issue with lots of media coverage and young people actively championing the issues. This project helps the children consider broader concepts such as self-awareness and learn the important skills of making informed choices that not only benefit themselves but the wider community, these skills are relevant to a whole range of health topics at this age and as they get older.  The topic and activities were introduced to the children at nursery using a range of teaching methods and activities including a recycling song with actions, incorporating physical activity through nature walks and scavenger hunts that are linked to recycling and creative play and craft activities.  The submission included tracking data showing improvements in the % 'at expectation' for areas such as ‘The World’ and ‘People and Communities’, this project may have contributed to this increased awareness.  Observations of children were also included and showed the children recognising opportunities for recycling themselves and that the behaviours are also taking place at home too.                                 

Free and Fair Learning

Child poverty is increasing, in Doncaster 32% of children are living in poverty, that’s about 10 children in a class of 30.  

For a school setting to be fully fair and accessible to all families, regardless of their income, there should be no extra cost attached to any part of the school day, including extracurricular activities and events. As a school it is worth considering every part of the school day that can put pressure on low-income families and make them feel excluded. Missing out because of financial barriers and feeling different makes it harder for children and young people to learn, achieve and be happy and healthy at school. 

Work is taking place in many areas across the country and there are numerous examples of good practice where schools have experienced the benefits of becoming fairer and more inclusive for all families.  We have created a guidance document that includes resources to provide schools with lots of practical ideas and inspiration. Remember even small changes can really make a difference to your families.  

A useful starting point is going through the questions included in the guidance document. 

Free and Fair Learning Guidance
Download (87KB - DOCX)

Staff Wellbeing

To access support with developing health and wellbeing programmes for staff you can sign up to the South Yorkshire 'Be Well @ Work' Programme. More information here.

Case studies: schools improving health

Local Government Association

The document includes a range of examples including; Greenwich (London): using a school garden to encourage healthy behaviours, Islington (London): using experts to deliver sex education, Leicestershire: using digital technologies to engage pupils with school nursing services.

Surrey Healthy Schools Case Studies

Inclusive Schools

Sun Safe Schools

Developed by national skin cancer charity, Skcin, the Sun Safe Schools national accreditation programme is a FREE resource to assist primary schools in; creating a suitable sun safety policy, communicating with parents to gain support and raise awareness within the wider school community and educating pupils on the importance of sun safety, to influence behaviour for a positive, sun safe, skin cancer free future. For more information and to sign up www.sunsafeschools.co.uk

Gypsy Roma and Traveller Communities

Smoke Free Spaces 

A smoke-free culture supports the wellbeing of all students, staff and visitors.  It reduces the visibility of smoking, creates more smoke-free spaces for everyone to use and provides a supportive environment for those wishing to quit











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