Case Studies

These case studies show how the Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives programme is used by settings to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families in Doncaster.


Director Of Public Health Report 2019

In his 2019 Annual Report, Dr Rupert Suckling (Director of Public Health, Doncaster) featured the Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives programme as an action of the public health team and partners to address the most pressing local health issues.

Read the full report:
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Barnby Dun Primary Academy - Making changes for healthier snacking

As part of their work towards Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Barnby Dun Primary Academy submitted evidence on the school’s approach to healthy eating.
Barnby Dun highlighted that they were actively encouraging healthy choices through having an embedded food policy and a packed lunch policy.

The school run a tuckshop, 'Nutritious Nosh' stocking a range of healthy snack options available to purchase at break time as children are not able to bring in snacks from home. The tuckshop sold small fruit muffins and oatmeal biscuits, made on site. The children were not allowed to purchase both on the same day. The school had researched recipes and looked for ones that were considered to be appropriate. However, looking at the recipes provided, each muffin/cookie included about 10g of sugar; which is quite a large proportion of the maximum daily amounts for children (4-6 years; 19g and 7-10 years; 24g). The school were advised that while the baked items may be a healthier choice than some other foods the sugar content should still be considered.

Staff at the school were keen to try alternatives and the Public Health team provided recipes for items with less sugar, that they were eager to try: 
‘Thank you so much for the suggestions - they look fab, can’t wait to share with our cook and start using some of them. ‘ [Jessica Croft, teacher]

The school cook prepared the recipes and the children were able to try them. They include a broad range of flavours and a variety of fruit and vegetables. Feedback for the new recipes has been overwhelmingly positive, from staff, children and parents. The recipes have now been shared on the school’s website for parents to try at home. 









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