Mental Health, Safety, Relationships, Sex and Substance Misuse

This page links to lots of resources and information about safety, sexual health, smoking, alcohol and substance misuse.

Emergency numbers: If you think that a child is in immediate danger please dial 999.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of children, please call 01302 737777 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm) or 01302 796000 (outside office hours).

Alternatively, please call 0808 800 5000 to discuss your concerns with the NSPCC 24 Hour Child Protection Helpline.


Victim Support 

Online support for children and young people who have been affected by crime and provides support for parents.

A Supportline is available if you’ve been affected by crime and you need confidential support or information.

The Supportline operates 24/7, call 0808 168 9111 for free.


Online Safety:

Jessie & Friends: online safety education for 4-7s.

Swiggle - A child friendly search engine for Key Stage 2 children to use at school and at home.

Childnet - Information to help keep your child safe online. 

Guidance on screentime boundaries for children aged 0-7 can be found here.

Young Children & Screen Time - A guide for parents & carers from Childnet.

Bullying UK - Information for parents about bullying at school. 

O2 & NSPCC -  A series of articles about online safety, includes videos explaining how to set up parental controls.

Band Runner -  Band Runner is an exciting interactive game which aims to help 8-10 year olds learn how to stay safe from the risks they might encounter online.

UK Safer Internet Centre - A range of resources for parents and carers for safer internet use.

ThinkUKnow - ThinkUKnow provides information and guidance for parents to help keep children and young people safe and what to do if they have concerns. 


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE): 

PACE - Enabling parents and carers to safeguard children, stop child sexual exploitation and work with parents and other agencies to bring perpetrators to justice.


Domestic Abuse, Rape and Sexual Assault:

DRASACS (Doncaster Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service)

Help people in the Doncaster Area who have suffered from these experiences. Confidential services available for:

  • Children and young people aged 18 or under, who have been raped or sexually abused.

Young people can speak to a counsellor by calling 01302 360421 or texting 07798 887 678.

  • Adults who have experienced rape or sexual abuse, either recently or in their past
  • Family members who have been affected by the issue


Doncaster Domestic Abuse Service

Whether you are experiencing domestic abuse yourself, concerned about someone, or want to change your own behaviour, you can contact Doncaster Domestic Abuse, by phone 0800 4701 505 (all calls are confidential), or find details about all the services that can help you on the website.

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