DfE launch Healthy School Ratings Scheme

Today the Department of Education published full details for the Healthy Schools Rating Scheme, with the first schools receiving their reports and certificates in July 2019. The scheme, which is voluntary, was one of the actions of Chapter 1 of the Childhood Obesity Plan published in 2017.

This voluntary scheme is available for all primary and secondary schools participating in the Active Lives Children and Young People survey. Schools will complete a self-assessment and then receive a rating based on their responses around food education, compliance with the school food standards, time spent on physical education and the promotion of active travel.

Each participating school will receive a report based on their survey answers, and those achieving Gold, Silver or Bronze awards will receive a certificate. It is worth noting that not all schools will receive a rating – this applies to schools who do not meet the required minimum score or missing a key component and where either they did not complete the teacher questionnaire or did not answer all the required questions for the rating to be calculated.

More information about the scheme and how it operates is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/healthy-schools-rating-scheme

We understand many schools will be wondering how this fits in with the Doncaster Healthy School Award programme; Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives.

We would very much encourage you to consider both the Healthy Rating Scheme and the Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Award programme.

There are a number of ways the two complement one another but there are also some differences.

The Healthy Rating Scheme includes criteria related to Physical Activity and Healthy Eating, however, the Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives programme goes beyond this, including these two themes alongside PSHE and emotional health and wellbeing to consider a broader whole school approach to health and wellbeing.

Also while the Healthy Rating Scheme will provide a summary of the self-assessment and a rating based on the current provision, the Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives programme acts as a method to self-assess current provision but then also helps to develop a framework for further actions to help embed a whole school approach.  The evidence you provide will also be reviewed by the Public Health team and we will provide feedback to help schools meet the criteria.  In the process of working towards achievement of the Award the Public Health team provide support and resources to help schools meet the criteria of the programme. We also have links to Resources on this website.

In the evaluation of the programme, teaching staff who were engaging with Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives commented on the positive impact it had on supporting a focused whole settings approach.

If you do have any further questions please do get in touch healthylearning@doncaster.gov.uk



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