Active Travel

Research shows that active travel to school makes children more alert and ready to face the school day than if they had arrived in a car: walking, cycling or scooting to school wakes up the mind and body. There are many ways to support and encourage children and their families to think about making their journey to school more active. Below are some resources that can help.


Active Travel Challenge

Why not try the 10 Day Active Travel Challenge, with resources and tips to support the event. 

Hints, Tips & Activity Ideas ideas for the 10 day Active Travel challenge.

Road Safety Top 10 Tips


South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership 

Events, posters, and information about the Junior Road Safety Officers scheme for schools in South Yorkshire.


Road Safety Week - Brake

The Road Safety Charity Brake, coordinate a themed road safety week annually. As part of the event downloadabe resources are made available.

View the 'We love to cycle animation for children' video about the benefits of cycling and some top tips to keep safe.


Be Bright Be Seen Resources 

Including videos and lesson plans to help teach children the importance of road safety.


'How to get more kids walking to school' 

An information leaflet outlining methods to encourage parents and children to walk to school.


'How to increase active travel to school' 

Information, advice and teacher resources from Sustrans.


Cycling UK - A guide to cycling on the road with children

Advice to help parents to cycle alongside their children safely on a road.


Living Streets 

Resources to encourage walking, including walking to school.