Event Round Up: Doncaster Public Health Support for Schools and Colleges

On the 30th of June, Doncaster Council’s Public Health, Children, Young People and Families Team, held our event for Doncaster schools and colleges to find out about Public Health support available locally!

The close link between health and education has been well documented in research evidence, showing that promoting the health and wellbeing of young people within learning settings has the potential to improve their educational outcomes and their health and wellbeing outcomes. 

The event had a great turn out, with a range of Doncaster settings in attendance, as well as a number of fantastic speakers! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended, schools and speakers alike, as well as a big thank you to our brilliant hosts at Doncaster College!  



To kick off the event, Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Public Health, spoke on the importance of learning environments and the crucial role they play in supporting the health and wellbeing of young people.  

We also had the chance to celebrate and promote the success of two Doncaster settings. Dr Rupert Suckling presented the two settings, who over the last few years have achieved their Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives award and/or Enhanced award, with their certificates. 

Congratulations again Doncaster College on your achievement of the Healthy Learning Healthy Lives Enhanced award, and Rosedale Primary on your achievement of the Healthy Learning Healthy Lives award!  

  • Rosedale Primary School 


Rosedale Primary School achieved their HLHL award in June 2020. Continuing to work on their HLHL wheel through the early stages of Covid restrictions. Through the submitted evidence the school demonstrated their commitment to health and wellbeing, with a comprehensive set of policies, support for staff development and clear methods for engaging with parents/carers.   

  • Doncaster College 


After achieving the HLHL Award in June 2021, Doncaster College continued their commitment by working towards the Enhanced Award and achieving it earlier this year. The College submitted the work they had carried out to develop a comprehensive online platform to ensure all their students have access to PSHE Tutorial content which they created following introduction of Statutory Relationships, Sex & Health Education for schools – whilst the guidance does not include Post-16 settings, the team recognised the importance of the subjects for all young people. They have a clear plan to continue reviewing and improving the programme. We look forward to seeing how the programme develops and the PH team look forward to continuing to work with the team to support it further. 



We then had some fantastic speakers share the opportunities available for local settings to access support and resources!

The presentation topics included:  

Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Programme 

HLHL Event Presentation June 22
Download (5.26MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: healthylearning@doncaster.gov.uk 

Pupil Lifestyle Survey

Pupil Lifestyle Survey_Education event 300622
Download (2.49MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: healthylearning@doncaster.gov.uk, Joanna.knights@pfa-research.com or tel. 01326 375705

Statutory Relationship & Sex Education (RSE)​ and Health Education Support and Curriculum 

RSHE Doncaster Schools Event June 2022 - TW slides added
Download (6.93MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: Tom or healthylearning@doncaster.gov.uk 

Doncaster 5-19 service 

Public Health event 30th June 2022 SN and P3
Download (569KB - PPT)

For More information contact:
Kate Watkins (Service Manager) - kate.watkins1@nhs.net  
Melanie Walton (P3 Team Lead) - melanie.walton1@nhs.net  
Jayne Ashby (School Nursing Team Lead) - jayne.ashby1@nhs.net 

We Support our Mums and Supervised Toothbrushing

WSOM and OH LQ 06 22 (002)
Download (8.18MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: laura.quinn@doncaster.gov.uk  

Compassionate Approach

Compassionate Approach Presentation
Download (8.1MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: Holly.Campbell@doncaster.gov.uk  

Well Doncaster Appreciative Inquiry

AI Presentation
Download (2.3MB - PPTX)

For more information contact: Lauren.Beaumont@doncaster.gov.uk  


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