Doncaster's We Support Our Mums!

Last week was World Breastfeeding week, a global campaign to raise awareness and action on themes related to breastfeeding. Check out how Doncaster is supporting mums to breastfeed out and about in Doncaster!

Doncaster Council's We Support Our Mums scheme is a local initiative which encourages local businesses and community venues to show they are breastfeeding-friendly and reduce the stigma sometimes associated with breastfeeding. 

The aim of We Support Our Mums is to make it easy for mums to find welcoming and supportive places to breastfeed as well as to recognise those businesses and organisations that promote and support mums. 

To find breastfeeding-friendly venues across the Borough, mums are advised to look for the brightly coloured WSOM logo, displayed in the windows of cafés, libraries, Family Hubs and other public venues across Doncaster. 


Members of the public are also encouraged to prompt their favourite coffee shops, cafes and other meeting places in Doncaster to take part in the scheme by registering online at  

As part of our Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives accreditation, we encourage and support all Education Settings to take part in the scheme too!  

Councillor Nigel Ball, Doncaster Council Cabinet Member for Public Health, said: “We Support Our Mums is all about removing the stigma that some people associate with breastfeeding in public places, mums can legally breastfeed anywhere, but many do not feel confident in doing so. The more mums who breastfeed in public, the more normalised it will become, which can only be a good thing for the health of both mother and baby”. 

For details of all places in Doncaster that support that support breastfeeding and for further details about the scheme, visit  

For more information on World Breastfeeding week, visit World Breastfeeding Week 2023 (

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