Criteria & Wheel Updates

Exciting Changes to the HLHL Programme

We've been listening to your feedback and have made some changes to update the wheel and the criteria that form HLHL.

New criteria
The criteria has been reviewed and updated in line with current evidence and guidelines.
Three of the area titles remain the same and Healthy Eating has been renamed Food, Drink and Oral health, as the title suggests requirements regarding oral health have been added.
The criteria now follow the same format through each area. These being Policy, Environment, Teaching and Learning, CPD and Training, and partnerships.
A full breakdown of the criteria, what it looks like in practice and suggested evidence is embedded in the centre of your wheel

New look wheel
Wheels will change shortly to reflect the new criteria changes and a new section has been added in each area for setting to add their reaccreditation evidence after they complete their initial award. As always, we ask that you continue to update and add evidence to your wheel.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. You may also want to book on to our network meeting.

Network Meeting

The next Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives Network meeting; Tuesday 13th April 2021, via MSTeams, at 4pm At the meeting we will focus on the new Healthy Learning, Healthy Lives criteria. Exploring changes that have been made to the Award, working through some practical examples that can help with your submission and delivery of the topic in your setting. We will also include a demonstration of the new online wheel submission tool for those that have not yet used it or would like a refresher of how it works and we can help troubleshoot any issues. We will look at reaccreditation and what this means for your setting. Please email to register an interest. We will send a formal invitation out nearer the date.

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Last updated: 11 March 2021 14:02:12